Invasive glucose meter with non-invasive continuous monitoring module

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This innovative non-invasive continuous monitoring module is open for glucose meter integration to upgrade product function and value

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This module only opens for ODM project

Get on-demand ODM product compliant to your standard

Appearance design is exclusive to you

*Glucose meter product is authorized and provided by HMD*


ISO 15197 compliant glucose meter embracing non-invasive multi-function continuous monitoring system

Offer dual choice for glucose management users conveniently to adopt invasive & non-invasive monitoring

To take blood instantly measure glucose value, or to track long-term glucose change trend non-invasively

Non-invasive module expanding applications:


Record all measurements; collect and analyze whole glucose value; share, transit, and setting all in one

Bonding Line、WeChat、WhatsApp、Messenger、Telegram、Signal、KakaoTalk, share intimate health care with family and friends anytime

Connect to cloud application, enjoy upgraded personal product and service

Back-end platform-

Cloud set-up to monitor all health data

Sub online shop to provide with glucose management related tools, health products or wellness products for multiple merchandize sales channel

No.1 choice for TeleCare, platform management, relative industrial application and combination, expand whole new business and full health care

Security IC-

User identity, transit code, 100% safety, track for product selling situation and user using situation

MBIoT smart band (other wearable product)-

Multi-value monitoring: heartrate, SpO2, blood pressure, temperature, activity, sleeping, step counting, GPS position, SOS rescue