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ESER was founded in 2002, dedicated to industrial design as the core competence, research-base on market trend, integrated electronic, photoelectric, mechanical, and software total solution to provide an easy to operate with potential, competitive, differentiation final application to fulfill all industrial segment need.

ESER has high-tech industrial engineer team located in Bejin and Shenzhen, total supply chain in Dongguan, well quality production in Dungguan.
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General working principle of non-invasive blood glucose meters:
There are currently four types of working principle development:

1. Use the sugar molecules in the subcutaneous interstitial fluid to test the blood sugar level. Subcutaneous interstitial fluid is a colorless and transparent liquid. Nutrients in the blood, including glucose, reach cells through the subcutaneous interstitial fluid. A small amount of subcutaneous interstitial fluid can leak out of the skin. In this way, a subcutaneous interstitial fluid sample can be obtained non-invasively and the blood glucose value can be measured.


2. Through human body's spectrum analysis of near-infrared, mid-infrared or far-infrared, extract blood glucose values. When irradiating human body with infrared rays, human tissues that are not related to blood sugar, such as skin, bones, muscles, water, etc., will absorb most of the infrared rays, leaving a small amount of reflection or absorption of infrared rays that represent blood glucose characteristics to extract blood glucose value. The problem with this method is that the blood glucose characteristic spectrum signal is often weak and difficult to measure; this signal is related to body temperature and body fluid composition and must be corrected.


3. Test human body's RF impedance and extract the blood glucose value. When electromagnetic waves with a longer wavelength than infrared rays are radiated to the human body, non-ionic soluble substances such as blood glucose will absorb certain electromagnetic waves, extract their absorption characteristic values, and theoretically obtain blood glucose values. However, there are other non-ionic soluble substances in body fluids, which also absorb electromagnetic waves. Therefore, how to separate and extract the absorption characteristic values ​​of blood glucose is the key to this method.


4. According to the characteristic that glycated protein ratio in the blood of the diabetic is high, the blood glucose value is obtained through the eyeball test.

ESER logic digital exchanging device: Metabolic Heat-optical Non-invasive Method

The heat of human body can be dissipated through four approaches, which are convection, thermal conduction, thermal radiation, and evaporation. The principle to measure metabolic heat of human body indicates that blood glucose is the primary energetic substance in metabolism. The blood glucose level can be estimated by measuring the total blood oxygen content and the total heat generated by metabolism. In a thermal equilibrium condition, level of metabolic heat generated from human body is equal to that of heat dissipated from the body. The metabolic heat is emitted to the environment through radiation, convection, conduction, and evaporation. The total heat generated through metabolism can be determined in the environment.

Environmental temperature and infrared radiation temperature are used to calculate total radiation heat and convection volume. Environmental humidity and humidity of finger are used to calculate quantity of evaporation. ESER chooses 16 sensors including infrared radiation sensor, thermistor, humidity sensor, light wave receiver, conductive rod and so on to detect different parameters of human body, design and develop functional combination sensor electronics module. Worked with diabetes organizations to collect and build up big database, detecting produce data of convention to thermal radiation and evaporation, amplifying filter circuit and Analog/Digital transaction into microprocessor to calculate and simulate then to display and save results. Compared with hospital biochemistry analyzer, similarity 87.56% is obtained from clinical test. Base on this theory to develop non-invasive health management tool.

Lack of long-term monitoring

In many case studies of diabetic healthcare, it is found that percentage for diabetic to control glucose, blood pressure and blood fat well is pretty low.

Key point is due to lack of long-term monitoring accumulated abundant syndrome data, lack of immediate analysis and in time adjustment of treatment.

It is helpful to use clinical judgement assistant system to raise patients' willingness in conducting routine treatment.

In fact, system will provide a life style instruction when automatically reads personal medical data to offer diabetic about exercise and diet instruction, which is vivid application on medical big data analysis.

Smart wearable device stimulates medical big data development

As the technology matures, more and more big data are uploaded into the internet at an alarming speed.
As non-structured data makes a breakthrough with IoT (Internet of Things), smart wearable devices, and other similar products that hit the market, this makes our real-life world data collection a very fast and convenient process. Such a niche market for huge data analyzing surfaced. Medical big data is no different.
As long as optical technology, wearable device, robots or IoT technology are involved, all of them contain the function to 'collect data'.
Topped with the analyzing capability and function, doctors are able to monitor patients' physiological conditions, or even diagnose patients' conditions before the occurrence of illness, thus allowing them to take precaution measures.

Wearable devices are centered on convenience,

proving to help medical big data collection Collecting data harmlessly and effortlessly, is a recurring issue for patients' and doctors alike.
For data to be collected unknowing to patients, a harmless and effortless device will definitely improve the patients' willingness in contributing to the big data.
Let's take for instance. Traditionally, to test for blood glucose level, patients are usually required to visit medical institutions to draw blood sample. This may seem a little inconvenient, for those that live far away, or have physical difficulties. Thus the reason why, many choose to use portable blood glucose meter, making it one of the most common household medical devices. As technology advances, non-invasive blood glucose measuring techniques, involving infra-red, supersonic, further improved patients' willingness, to use bring a portable blood glucose meter.
In fact, smart wearables like smartbands, smartwatches and other smart devices, have the most prospective practical usage in health management and monitoring.
The smart wearables can connect to users' personal smart device and also cloud computing technology, thus "claimed" to be able to monitor users' conditions, ensuring their good health. Big data analyzing will definitely help in the sales of the smart wearables industry.

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